Self-employed loan without remark


The income of self-employed is subject to fluctuations within a year, the extent of which depends on the industry. The determination of an average monthly income is possible in any case, for banks, however, only the actual every month incoming funds is considered to be regular.

Thus, lending to the self-employed is more difficult, which is more true for loans. This is necessary if the remark information contains negative entries, whereby a single soft negative feature does not necessarily preclude lending. Self-employed persons take care to ensure a careful separation between company and private causes. This distinction is indispensable for the tax recognition of lending rates on an operational basis and is also one of the principles of meaningful accounting.

Business-induced non-scholar loans for the self-employed

Business-induced non-scholar loans for the self-employed

If a German financial institution awards an in-house loan for self-employed people without remark, it will conduct the credit inquiry with another service provider. While remark mainly collects data on the personal creditworthiness of the self-employed, special credit bureaus offer a comprehensive analysis of corporate creditworthiness. This is more important for corporate lending than the applicant’s private credit rating.


If founders have a guarantee of default of the state guarantee bank, the remark information for the lending is of little relevance. The promotional loans of Bank, which are accessible to most new entrepreneurs, are comparable to loans for the self-employed without remark. Although the Kreditanstalt conducts a remark request, it rejects lending for the majority of its promotional loan programs only if the applicant has already had to file for bankruptcy.

Privately arranged remark-free loans for the self-employed


Only a few banks offer a loan without remark for the self-employed in a direct application. They assume a self-employment that has existed for at least two years and a high minimum operating profit. On the other hand, the application for a loan through an intermediary also enables self-employed persons to obtain debt-free borrowing in Switzerland. The prerequisite for a serious credit brokerage is that the service provider does not charge any initial costs, but only calculates a reasonable performance fee in accordance with the current legal situation.

The financial institution transfers the personal loan for self-employed persons without remark in euros to the private current account of the applicant. The loan is therefore not part of the foreign currency loan but is settled in the domestic currency of the self-employed and is therefore not associated with any exchange rate risk.

Another way to obtain a loan for the self-employed without remark is to lend an existing private supplementary pension insurance or life insurance. Since the borrower leases his own disbursement claims, the insurer does not have to ask a remark request before approving the requested loan. Not suitable for the loan are pension insurance contracts funded by the pension, because the corresponding procedure leads immediately to a loss of the previously acquired subsidies and tax reductions.